Residenza Torre Acquatino - Loader

For many years, our farming company, “Ugolinelli Antonini Marcella” has been producing excellent extra virgin olive oil, using exclusively our olives which are DOP certified and organic.

Our splendid olive trees are of different varietals, predominantly of the famous Moraiolo, but also Frantoio and Leccino.
During the year, a careful maintenance of the plants is performed by hand with the use of organic fertilizers.
The olives harvested for manual crushing, are pressed within 12 hours, through a natural cold dripping system which guarantees a final product with low acidity and high organoleptic properties.

The oil is of a green colour with golden highlights, of an intense but fruity taste, ideal to use as a condiment to add extra flavour.
It is recommended to use “a crudo” (drizzled raw) on all types of vegetables, legumes, on the classic bruschetta and on grilled or boiled meats.

You can purchase our excellent extra virgin olive oil at the Residence. Available sizes: 5 litre tin cans or 0.750 litre bottles.
You can request a tour of the olive groves and you can even take part in the harvesting of the olives in the months of October and November.